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Of course Austin companies are looking for all ways to Save Money and Become More Sustainable!

VERDE TURF & Outdoors is YOUR Partner in achieving Significant WATER REDUCTION goals!

Statistics show most corporate lawns will realize a ROI in 3-5 years from just the water bill!


Pet Play | Parks | Runs

• Specialized Pet System Application

• No more tracking inside dirt and mud

• No more yellow and brown spots

• Odor, bacteria and mold controlling Infill

• Great for play; durable for big and active

• Little maintenance required


Balcony | Patio | Rooftop

Easily gain more year-round usable outdoor space by installing artificial grass on your Balcony, Patio or Rooftop.  Create a new and beautiful environment you'll be proud to host your guests and entertain more clients in... or simply cover an unsightly view.


Going Green, Keeping it Clean or Need a Little Privacy from the Scene?! 

Call VERDE TURF & Outdoors TODAY!

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