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Artificial grass surrounding a pool looks Great!  And, it also helps you keep your pool environment clean!
No grass clippings, no yard waste, no dirt and mud.
No lawn chemicals, no fertilizers, and no pesticides transferring into the pool.
 Reduce Mosquitoes, insects, and bugs around your pool.  They migrate elsewhere without the dirt to breed in and feed.
 Puddle-free area.  Artificial Grass is installed with a drainage plan.
 The Anti-Microbial Coating of the Infill helps prevent bacteria and mold from spreading into your pool. 

If you really want to enjoy your pool and surrounding area,

call VERDE TURF & Outdoors today!

Depending on several factors, (number and size of pets, size of space, and drainage) there are different installation processes we can discuss to give you the best outcome. 


We have specifically designed pet turf, as well as a Pet Turf Drainage System that is engineered from the ground up to create a sanitary and odor-resistant environment. 

VERDE TURF’s Pet Turf System is a combination of our special Anti-Microbial Infill, a specialized drainage mat, and our turf backing is designed to allow maximum drainage, which will significantly reduce pet odor and withstand the wear/tear of even the largest and most active dogs.

The combination of these three key components will result in the most effective artificial grass solution for your pets!  It's Sanitary, Durable & 100% SAFE for your Pets & Kids!

            Playground | Sport Surface
Whether we’re helping you choose the correct ‘fall rating’ for the underlayment of your child’s playground area or helping you achieve the desired speed for your putting green, VERDE TURF & Outdoors is your trusted consultant with life’s most precious! 
Small Spaces
Talk about the best bang for your buck!  Installing Artificial Grass in small spaces can look even more transformational than in large spaces.  Your new grass, after being installed, makes the smaller area feel just a little bigger.  And definitely increases the likelihood of you using that space more too!  Or… just show it off!

You’re Here!… so, you must have already imagined how much better your yard would look with artificial grass, and maybe a little hardscaping…  You’re absolutely RIGHT!  And we're not just transforming lawns, my fellow Austinites!  VERDE TURF & Outdoors is helping you customize and optimize your outdoor living space, enhancing the way you will use every inch of it year-round, bringing you to the forefront of safe and environmentally friendly, with a realized ROI averaging 5 years on a 20 - 25 year product.  Yes, please!  Give us a call today!

Your new VERDE yard

​No Chemicals, No Fertilizers

Beautiful 365 days a year

​Great for Pets, People, and Picnics

​Allergy Free + Anti-Bacterial Infill

Save Fresh Water

Reduce Mosquitos and Insects

Deck | Patio
Installing Artificial Grass on your existing Deck or Patio can give it an instant new look and usability.  Start using those areas differently!  You'll wonder why you didn't do this earlier.
High-Rise | Balcony
People comment, that while not living on the 1st floor, seeing grass on their balcony gives them a greater feeling of calm and groundedness.  Anyone who has put Artificial Grass on their balcony would suggest you do it, too!


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